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Welcome to Trico Electric Cooperative’s online application.

Application Overview

  • You will be requested to provide details about your work experience, education,certifications and professional references.
  • The required fields are labeled with an asterisk (*) and must be entered in the application.
  • At the end of the application, you will have the opportunity to attach your resume and a cover letter.
  • The application does not need to be completed in one sitting. To save your application click the next button until you reach step 7. Click the click the “Submit” button for your application to be submitted and saved.  Failure to click “Submit” will result in the loss of all previously entered information. You will be able to edit your application as needed. 
First Time Applicants:

The first step for completing an application is to create an account by following the steps below. 

  1. Click the Search button at the bottom right to find available job openings.
  2. Click the information icon under the ”Details” column to learn more about the job. A window titled “Job Opening Details” will appear allowing you to review and print the job description for your reference.
  3. You can initiate an application in two ways, 1) from the window “Job Opening Details” you can clicking ”Apply ” or 2) close the “Job Opening Details” window and initiate an application by clicking on the pencil icon  on the list of job openings.
  4. Click on “Apply for the first time” to create a candidate profile, username and password.
  5. Complete all steps of the job application and the click the “Submit” button at Step 7. This completes the application process.

    Reminder: Please ensure that your e-mail address is correct, as this will be the primary means in contacting you.

    For returning applicants:

    1. Log in to the candidate portal with your username and password.
    2. Follow steps 2-3 above.

    If you are having trouble with the online application, please e-mail humanresources@trico.coop or call 520-744-2944 and ask for Human Resources.

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